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The Silence with the Living Souls

The Silence of the Living Souls

-Jude Volkart

The Silence With The Living Souls is an life story of a boy , eyezak . The story has lot of characters closely associated with eyezak. His parents, his guardian,teachers, sister-nuns etc.

The flow of the story unfolds  life incidents of eyezak . This whole story is journey of eyezak from childhood to grown up man . 
Story is full of life incidents . This story is different than normal happy ending stories, or casual novels. This 

There is no sugar coating to the serious events that occur in eyezak's life , it's harsh reality and it's described as such .

For. e.g , in initial chapter of the book you will get to know , circumstances of father and mother's death. We can only try and feel the feeling a kid goes through but author has described those feelings in words. Author described the feeling that a kid goes through , how he accuses himself, how it impacts psychologically , health , social well being. So many feeling and experience. 
Then it so happens that the kid grows up with these feelings, with known/unknown people, unknown circumstances. so many things

You can relate to the story , don't give up , This book is very different than the books you might have read. The flow of the emotions and experiences is incomparable. Different people can make their own opinions about the book but if you are hardcore reader read it full to unravel the life mystery of eyezak .

I would recommend the book for serious readers who like experimenting with reading ,psychologists ,

Beyond The Last Blue Mountain

Beyond The Last Blue Mountain 

A life of J.R.D Tata

Author :
R.M. Lala

Wow , yes that's my review for this book . This is not just a book but a very well written document of life of J.R.D Tata . Reading this book has given me so many insights in life of i would daresay best businessman ,socially driven,adventurous, patriotic and motivated person in world. I was always curious to know the history behind Tata's and this book has given me good info . 

This book has presented the life of Mr. J.R.D Tata very effectively. First chapter gives introductory account of his family and ancestors. Starting from Mr.Jamsetji Tata who founded the First Steel Plant of India, University of Sciences and  the first hydro-electric project in early 19th century during British Raj . Tata & Sons was established in 1987 by Mr. Jamsetji Tata, Son Sir Dorab Tata, Young Cousin Ratanji Dadabhai Tata(R.D) . 

Starting with his Jamsetji's introduction , Sir Dorabji ,Mr. R.D. Tata . It gives a fair idea of the strong foundation that was being built for Mr.J.R.D morally and in business. 
Mr.J.R.D was born on 1904 . He was named, "Jehangir" meaning the conqueror of the world. Well as you see he did :) . 
Very well documented information is given about the then political situations, France, India etc .This gives us idea in which scenario, environment and circumstances he came to this world. His early childhood and growing up , the industrial growth , starting of aviation .The excitement ,adventure, frenzy surrounded by Aeroplane and flying . His time in French army , his return to India . 
Then the story begins how he at the Age of 22 started to take responsibility for the business. 
His friends , relatives, colleagues, seniors , all have played a vital role in grooming Mr. J.R.D . 
His adventurism has been a significant factor in his decision making or risk taking . He has always handled the situations very well . It automatically developed into him. 
He was the First Indian  to get the license from Aero Club of India and Burma on behalf of FAI . His certificate has "I" which was very special for him . This was beginning of something exciting for him and India. His liking for flying inspired him to create a business out of it . He started the Tata Air Lines in 1933 and after that it's a story in itself. 
I daresay , business was a secondary point in Jehangir for Airlines, He must have started the business so that he can officially fly around in his aeroplane with expenses covered. :-P Jokes apart but it was begining of an era of Aviation  in India. 
J.R.D 's attraction was always towards flying . He handled all the businesses but Tata Air lines/Air India was always close to his heart , later which became Air India . 
There are lot of twists and turns to the story how his hand was forced to form Air India and takeover by Government . It's emotional , political ,strategic, letter exchanges all those situations are very well recorded . 
He headed many organizations in Tata group . Took up challenges to revive losses. 

This book gives very good account of his friends and friendship . He always stood by their side in good as well as bad times, in good health and bad. 
His letters reflect upon his communication skills. He always was good in communicating to people. 
His meeting , phone calls ,letters with politicians of free India , during British Raj everything is very well documented through his letters. 
His faith in people and their abilities, risk taking , perfectionism is reflected from his Air India Chairmanship . He brought the Air India a unique recognition and it was the best service provider in top world Airlines . He was the person who added that Saree can be adorned beautifully in glamorous air hostess roles instead of skirts or dresses alike. It gave that uniqueness to Air India . 

Wow, Writing this book review is so difficult for me, every part,chapter is important .
I have learnt a lot from this book . Some things cannot be just defined in words, you just know it . 
Just go ahead read this book . Must read for Entrepreneurs,Businessman and passionate people. 

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

-George R.R. Martin

Wooo !!! A here's a new book review of humongous book " The Game of Thrones" 1st season .
Many would ask why so much delay for review!!? Well i was quite preoccupied and it's longggg book .

I love the series and have scrapped thru all seasons . I wanted to know the the story behind these. How it all came into as series , the inspiration and actual book behind it.

This book is good for reading but i daresay , its same as season . Not much surprises, I was literally having visuals  while reading . No surprises in the book :( but it hooked me . I read and read and read. Sometimes i wouldn't know time. The story, well everyone knows that already , I don't want to reveal it . Lord Eddard Stark's story is well covered and good.
Small description of story who haven't seen the series :

The story revolves around the iron throne, it's a throne for Lord of Seven Kingdoms . Politics , kingship, family drama are essence of this book . The story has so many characters and believe me surprising characters. The family traditions, love , sex , incest and controversial relations. The historical touch , the magical mystery , politics it's just wow.

Just go ahead . Read the book , watch the series and see your visions coming true. It's awesome experience , don's miss .

Winter is coming . :)



Axis Digital meet! #PingPayKaro#Bogadda

That's one more revolutionary product coming from Axis . Axis has been evolving a lot in terms of technology lately .
Few months back Axis banking application and now PingPay .

I love the technology and usability of the application . No more hassles of typing Account number , IFSC number , Branch Code , Waiting in line , No Insecurity if logging from unknown internet connection . This app just takes away all those problems and gives an amazing solution .

Asking money is the most troublesome work. So many excuses like , wrong account number, wrong IFSC number , Wrong name spelling , wait time etc etc,  This app eliminates all these setbacks.
Now just ask your friends to whatsapp or facebook the money with the appropriate message.. "Abey Sadiyon Pahile paisae liye thay.. Kab dega K*miney. Whatsapp pe bhej "
And no excuse here , if friend says no internet on phone , SMS him  :P ..

Now if your friend is finding internet connectivity  excuses , send him a recharge of GPRS pack , small one so he cant deny and no excuse now. So doston udhar k din gayee,
This app is innovative way to bring banking into social media.
Best part , whatsapp integrated. Nowadays everyone carries smartphone and knows whatsapp.
1. Easy transfer over IMPS , minimum transfer time .
2. Per day limit of 50,000.
3. Select whom to ask from or pay to from phone contact list.
4. Use whatsapp/facebook/SMS/Email for sharing link/asking  .
5. Receive the response of friend via whatsapp.
6. Ask money from  multiple people . No limit for receiving .
7. Keep record of transactions in transaction history and your account entry .
8. Share your transaction if you want to over social media .
9. Mark your favorites. So you know whom to ask :P :D
10. Easy navigation and user interface. I just love this about Axis bank apps .

Well i looked into the technical advantages and security , since its bank app .
Technical advantages:
1. Social media /facebook/whatsapp have no access to your accounts. They are just contact identifier and link sharing mechanism for the app. So No hacker's issue here .
2. Mpin configured, in event of phone idle , app gets locked automatically and asks for Mpin which is know only to user.
3. Payment transfers and received over IMPS channel . Banking security involved.
4. In event of phone theft or loss don't worry . Unless you thief knows your Mpin he/she cant do any transaction .
5. Call axis customer support and block the app/card/account in event of theft.

lot more..
I can go on and on about it . I 'm really loving it ,
Just go to playstore and install it now.
Adding some screen shots here from the app .


-Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith

This book is awesome . It's gives a new limelight on Apple and it's foundations. How it all started and became world's renown brand .
We have all read Steve Jobs story ,a great visionary , an artist  but who made that possible!!?
Steve jobs was good at visualizing the future , taking bold steps, marketing and branding but without technology Apple wouldn't be the  top selling brand.
Steve Wozniak was a major force behind this. He is a true engineer and best known . Simple philosophy of life , simple rules , content with what he had , generous ,humble and prankster.  When you read his biography you shall understand how apple was founded and how the engineering worked. I give credit to Woz for Apple II , best gadget in those times. It was a revolutionary product . Engineering and technology was the base from where apple started.
This book has given the full journey from Steve Wozniak's perspective and it's interesting.
From how a genius like him is born , to pranks he played, technology he built , the inspirations , friends he made, parents support , split-up with life partner and so many aspects of life that go behind building up Apple.
I truly admire Steve Wozniak engineering thinking , simple and elegant. I'm no Steve but i know the feeling :) .
There are lot of photos in the book. Lot of narration of incidents , clarifications and confessions.
It's fun to read.
For all those entrepreneurs and motivated engineers . This book is for you .
And last Apple fans .. you gotta read this ... :)

Ramayana-The Game of Life-Shattered Dreams

Ramayana-The Game of Life

Shattered Dreams

Now this is an incredible book . After reading Ravana's perspective in previous book "Asura" , Ram's perspective comes refreshing. Thanks to ,i got the book for review and it turned out so well . We have read ,experienced Ramayana in stories, Epic ,movies,cartoons and TV Series . I have had it as optional subject too in my school days. So somewhere i knew the whole story at heart. 

Now what makes this book different is the narration and description . The fine notes and explanation  at bottom of the page and sections.The descriptions,quotes,meanings and small explanations are so beautiful written:
"Unity without loyalty to a common goal is like cement without water to seal bricks"
"Manthara is using the good quality if being charitable in the future as a reason to be cruel and selfish in the present... "
"Attachment always preceds detachment. Sita could detach herself from so much because she was deeply attached to Rama..."
For story i had second thoughts should i read the book or not since i knew the story already but these small explanations and notes kept me hooked.I always welcome good virtue and knowledge . It makes one a better person . This book fulfills that requirement . 
There's no secret about the story and plot . So i'm not hiding the story or plot.It's Ramayana . It's story cannot be changed but if you ever attended "Ram Leela " Play at City fair you would know what i'm talking about. Story is same but narration and enacting makes it beautiful. 
In this book also story is same but narration is wow. If it would have been old days, this book could be "Shubha-Ramayan" or "Shubha-Vilas-Ramyana"  like we have "Tulsi-Ramayana", "Vasistha Ramayana" ,"Agastya Ramayana".All these book have same story with different narration style and some events added or removed. I'm surprised and amused that author's like "Shubha Vilas " Exist who can relate to old stories and replenish them with today's scenario and language. 

The book has wonderful narration , just get one to experience it . 

I recommend this book to all kids and teenagers . I advice to parents please do get a copy of this book to groom your child into Virtuous person with high moral standards . 

Discretion : It's a story book , a novel . It does not promote religious or ethnic thoughts. It's a story of good human beings with good qualities. It's applicable to all humans,the moral, family bonding,love between brothers , love for husband-wife, sacrifices to honor parents words/orders/wishes ,love towards community. It's just beautiful . Just ignore the religious affiliations if any (this book doesn't have) ,it's a good read. 
This stories have so much to learn as human that the story became a religious text,inspiration .That's the power of Good writing ,stories and moral of a book. 


Home is where you family is..

Home is where you family is..

In present world where people live outside their homes,away from family for working . Trends have changed , previously people use to search job near to their houses, same cities or nearby cities. In today's MNC world ,it's very distant dream and one who gets a job near to house is one of the luckiest. 
We work hard,day and night . Put our efforts but there comes a time when we want to share our day or relax in arms of our loved ones but you miss it . All these happens just because you can't afford to buy house or may be you are not planning to stay in that city .We work hard in optimism that this hardship will payoff and you will have your home , family with you  .This is the optimism attached with owning a house. 
I personally have been to lot of places Thanks to my dad. Coming from defence background we moved a lot all over the country . We didn't stay more than 3 years at a place. Well it was good but somewhere dad felt we need to permanently settle down . My dad had been outside his home,village for more than 20 years. So he longed for it. My dad would say "I have worked a lot outside now it's time to go back home ,live with our family and friends ,our city ,our place. " 
Although we could take a home in Mumbai/Pune/Hyderabad . He chose hometown ,a small village in North Maharashtra. He said i have lived my life,now will settle down here. You as youngsters spread your wings and go where you want but at end of the day you will come back to your nest. I feel it's right too. Somethings don't work as planned :( , but anyways . Defence jobs,MNC job take you to distant places. You work hard for your family ,to keep your family together with you .My dad used to talk about his longing to go back to village,his house. He would tell me how it was to work outside, how it was at home, he would tell me stories of village,of his friends. He said he wanted to contribute to the society ,his village and attend every single family event :D . There's lot of feeling attached to it which cannot be explained in words just felt. This feel comes inherent to us all . The feel of going back to your home.We have a house at village . I too have that feel of going back to my house and i will . 
For now,recently i shifted my family to Pune  purely keeping education and job scenario in mind. Took a house , luck by chance i own a house at this age so my major issue is solved. Atleast i don't have to worry about home loan installments for better part of my life. :) 
The satisfaction of owning a house cannot be compared . You get a feel that you have somewhere to go back to . Whenever i go to my house, i know someone is waiting for me at home. Well for now it's Mom :P , know. 
You can relax. You forget your worries. This optimism is wow, it just comes automatically .That's the best part of it.  
I go home ,talking with family ,laughing, relative visits,Gossiping :P , teasing sister etc etc. It's the best feel . 
Home is what keeps us bounded together. We can see it in nature .Every small animal ,insect makes a home and they are driven towards it. Birds fly to remote continents but fly back home .That's the power of this feeling.  

You know when we talk to our parents about home ,it's fun to hear their stories. And you can't help but get mesmerized. :) 



Goosebumps -The Blob that ate everyone


The Blob that ate everyone 

Goosebumps is famous book series by R.L. stene . He is very famous children book author. He has written adventure,thrill and scary stories,novel meant  for children .The writing style is as such that it has some scary content but written in context to children .
This book "The blob who ate all " is one such scary story-cum- novel . RL stene is good author to indulge kids in reading. His stories have thrill,excitement,little scaryness ,kids adventure . Kids can relate to stories.
This book is story of kid ,zackie,who stumble upon a typewriter that makes his stories real. This kid has a knack for writing stories , scary stories . He starts with some then visiting an ,it's fun to read story being written inside another story . Major charactors are Alex,Zackie  and annoying friend Adam who makes fun of the brother-sister on their discovery.
The emotions are all kids emotions ,nothing that they shouldn't read.
I highly recommend this book for kids ,not just the book but full series and author himself.
I got this book from a kiddo friend ,cudnt wait to read it. I used to read this series in my school years :) .
Happy Reading. :)

Optimism -Fuels your dreams ,fuels your life

Optimism -Fuels your dreams ,fuels your life

Optimism lies in rising Sun
Optimism lies in your those laughter
Optimism lies in the house.
Optimism lies in every small details,
Optimism mom's food,
Optimism is in feeling of being under your roof,
Optimism comes is feeling of that hope ,
Optimism keeps you going.
Optimism makes you do wonderful things .
Optimism lets you take that leap ,
Optimism runs the business,
Optimism lets you take risks and just go onn
Optimism is in every failure .
Optimism is in every success.
Optimism is in every fight with your loved ones,
Optimism is in laughter ,
Optimism is in tears,
Optimism is in every smile.
Optimism is that when you know nothing can go wrong, even if it does everything is going to be alright. :)

You always go back to your house in optimism that you have somewhere to go back to .
You go back to your house to your family , to your near and dear ones . Whatever happens you are optimistic that next day would be better.This is power of optimism .Many times we get setback in our life ,some major crisis happen those are the moments when optimism keeps you going.

"Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so. If you assume there is an instinct for freedom, there are opportunities to change things, there’s a chance you may contribute to making a better world. The choice is yours."  Noam Chomsky
Optimism is all about positive attitude,can-do beliefs,expectations ,choices and strategies ,acknowledgement of the fact that you are responsible for your life and that you have the ability to be effective on your own behalf.Optimism propels you to go forward toward your goals and vision. The optimist takes credit for the things they have accomplished, savor the victories, and utilizes them as fuel for the ongoing journey of dreams and discovery.Optimism can generate  improved physical and mental health, longevity, performance excellence, creativity and success in attaining goals and dreams.
Optimism can come by default in your attitude by your education , surrounding and guidance. Those who don't have this attitude they can learn it . Yes it is one of those traits that can be learned to make your life better. An optimist never gives up .Edison experimented hundreds of times before he got success to build a working bulb. Pessimist will call it 100 times failure ,an optimist calls it 100 attempts. The optimism is not in giving up but it's in trying again . If you can build this attitude ,success is not far.
It fuels your dreams, fuels your life. :)

New home New Life.

New home New Life


I come from army background.  We have been changing cities and location for long time.
Each posting/transfer made brought new friends and new culture. I have been to all corners of the country . Every time we shifted ,we left a soul of us behind but then we got new friends and it brought more happiness . During dad’s service years we went to Assam,J&K ,Rajasthan ,Hyderabad,Uttar Pradesh .
Recently I took a major step to shift my family  to Pune.  We settled down in  Pune, Maharashtra .We bought a house and couldn't more happy and proud .  New house ,new community ,new environment. We made new friends, new culture. Everything seems so refreshing . Couldn’t ask for more . We got a new start .
It's feels rejuvenating. We are rejoicing in our new home. We painted the house , we bought new things to our house. Decorated and designed the house as per our wish . We had so many discussion , who would take which room , what colour to paint , which furniture goes where. This is fun . Those who moved in new houses recently  would understand my joy . So many feelings ,joy comes with it.
We are getting new things to our house , building it up piece by piece and making it ours. We have done so much shifting that when we finally settled down in Pune . I cant express the happiness in words, it can be just felt :-) .
I am exploring my locality , city. There's market nearby , so my mom gets to feed me all the fresh green leafy veggies , there's temple nearby so nani is all happy-happy , small park for kids if any kiddo comes by . I am still exploring , found so many good places nearby house. That's fresh start, to build new relationships.New shops,vendors, neighbors,  locality. You get a new chance to start all over again . Well some may be satisfied in there permanent locations but i'm one of those who likes changes .

Get a new house, shift cities, relocate to new place  and experience a fresh start . It's awesome :)